Maintenance Solutions for Parking Lots, Driveways and Roadways

Dan Swayze & Son, Inc. has solutions for all your parking lot and driveway maintenance needs. Our services include expert line striping and marking (thermoplastic, epoxy, paint), reflector installation, seal coating, crack filling and pothole repair, signage and bollard installation, and power brush sweeping.

We serve residential, commercial, and industrial accounts, as well as asphalt paving companies across northern and central New Jersey. Dan Swayze & Son also paints highways and town roads with expert precision to keep drivers safe.

Seal Coating

Seal coating is the most cost effective way to preserve your parking lot or driveway and extends its lifespan by protecting against cracking and weakening. We use a refined coal tar emulsion, combined with the right additive and sand to protect and beautify your investment. At Dan Swayze & Son, neatness and thoroughness count, so we apply sealer with brooms to cut in along curbing and even use paint brushes for the hard-to reach-areas. For larger areas we use spray hand wands and a truck-mounted 23-foot spray bar.

Line Striping

We’ve never met a parking lot we couldn’t stripe and mark. We are also known for our roadway painting which makes Dan Swayze & Son unique among striping and seal coating contractors. We use three types of paint, depending on the application: regular traffic paint, thermoplastic and epoxy.

Thermoplastic Paint. This heavy, thick material is used primarily for roadway lines, arrows and crosswalks; we also use it in parking lots because it lasts 7-10 times longer than standard traffic paint. Thermoplastic paint can be applied two ways—with hand liners (very versatile on parking stalls, arrows and stop bars) or by truck-mounted machine (for all long line roadway striping).

Epoxy Paint. This is normally used on roadways for lines and arrows; we can also apply it in parking lots. It is made of thinner materials than thermoplastic paint but is very durable; it also provides better reflectivity at night because of its superior adhesion to the glass beads used for that purpose.

Pavement reflectors are critical to roadway safety. We install reflectors along the center stripes in county and state roads throughout New Jersey, and to divide lanes or highlight the edge line. These reflectors highlight very well in rain or snow and enhance the lines in the road when visibility is low.

Signs and Bollards

We install traffic signs, street signs, ADA/handicapped signage and bollards in compliance with MUTCD specifications.

Asphalt Repair

Dan Swayze & Son can do asphalt crack filling, fill pot holes and do patch work with the same care and attention to detail as with all our work.

Crack Filling. We seal asphalt cracks by applying a hot rubberized material with Black Beauty® sand broadcast over; this prevents tracking and keeps it from being slippery. We only use DOT-approved material.

Patch Work. Our crew will saw cut or jack hammer the area and remove the broken asphalt, install new hot blacktop, and then rake to grade and roll. We also crack fill around the patch so water doesn’t infiltrate it.

Catch Basin Repair

We remove and replace deteriorated concrete block where needed and then re-plaster; and we install eco-grates that keep animals and trash out of the basin and prevent clogs.


Keep your parking areas free of debris and potential liabilities, and protect the lines and asphalt from unnecessary wear. Our heavy-duty mechanical street sweepers can sweep up dirt, stone, sand and millings, and dump debris into dumpsters, roll-offs or dump trucks.

Our Striping Equipment and Technology

Dan Swayze & Son, Inc. uses the latest technology and best materials for better, safer long-term results for our customers. Our paint machines have onboard computers that can be programmed to lay out any size stall, crosshatch or drive aisle. They also display the mil thickness of the paint being applied, along with how many feet of pavement markings are being sprayed. All our trucks and paint machines are also equipped with a laser-guided attachment for pinpoint accuracy.

Interested in hearing more about our asphalt striping and seal coating services? Contact Dan Swayze & Son at (908) 789-1336.
SERVICES June 11, 2015